Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Prevent Blood Cancer Children's to Keep Learning

Yogyakarta, hard lesson often make children lazy in school . No wonder if some children wished to be rid of the pain of learning activities in school . But these children , although plagued by severe pain , it still wants to learn .

Every Monday to Friday , children of cancer patients living in shelters Love Child Cancer Foundation Jogja ( YKAKJ ) undergo a learning process . They learn in a tiny room filled with a variety of props , toys , and feet work . Cancer does not deter the boys desire to learn .

Akhid Fathul Aufa , for example . Five- year-old boy with ceriwisnya spell letters and words he had written. Though the boy is suffering from leukemia and is undergoing treatment .

A strong desire for the boys to learn even while undergoing chemotherapy carried away . In a semi-conscious condition under the influence of drugs, some delirious kids say they want to learn .

" When their chemotherapy , pain , they are calling us , ' Teacher , I want to learn , ' " said Rizka Dinta Murbaningtyas , teachers at the school , tells the experience of emotion he had ever experienced .

That spirit can sometimes be a slap for Dinta . He remembered the junior and senior high school when he sometimes fever or flu wants to be rid of the school . While the children who he coached to keep the spirit of learning despite being seriously ill .
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Not only sweet things that they can . Several times Dinta and colleagues , Winda Yuniartika Rachmawati , also experienced unpleasant things . Among these children when emotions become unstable and explode under the influence of drugs .

" Some of the children were given the drug after chemo changed its 180 degrees . Fact, such is not the boy again , like everyone else , " said Dinta on detikHealth , and written on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

Faced with the emotional changes , Winda and Dinta can only accept . They hope the children can absorb what they teach and get well soon . However, sometimes fate would . Of the 31 children who had enrolled at the halfway house , four have passed away .


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