Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tips to Manage Views Category Hubs

Create a BlackBerry 10 device user , the BlackBerry Hub certainly be one of the most visited feature . For this feature to save every communication that occurs in the BlackBerry , either use the default application or third-party .

If you go into the BlackBerry Hub , when opening menu by selecting the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen . The user will be presented a kind of separate categories based on the type of incoming communications or applications used , such as komonikasi phone , BBM , SMS , or communications using third party applications such as Facebook , Twitter , WhatsApp and others .

This display can be personalized . Users can choose what types of messages are displayed in the Hub category , separating certain messages from the Hub category , or specify what kind of message is only displayed in the Hub category without displaying a special category .
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To more easily understand it , here's how to manage the display of categorization BlackBerry Hub .

1 . Open BlackBerry Hub . Select More in the lower right corner of the screen .

2 . Choose Settings .

3 . Earn Hub management .

4 . Choose the type of communication that would like to be managed . In this example PULSE choose Facebook .

5 . Well , here are 3 options will be available . The first is the Only Show in the Hub . By choosing this type of communication will not be having a special category in the BlackBerry Hub and only appear on the Hub category .

Then there is the option Only Show in the Separate Account . By choosing this type of communication that does not appear in the Hub category and only appear on the category itself .
And the last is the default option Show in Both .

6 . If you think that kind of communication is important , for example chosen is the email account associated with a job or business , you can choose to mark with colors . So you can easily find these communications when choosing to bring it into the category of the Hub .


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