Sunday, April 13, 2014

DKI Procurement Wacanakan Crusher Machine Water Hyacinth

North Jakarta Mayor Heru Budi Hartono said it would buy a shredder hyacinth in Pluit Reservoir . The decision to buy the goods following a number of reports and complaints about the number of people who pollute the water hyacinth Pluit Reservoir .

" The money is already there . Lives intention to want to destroy the water hyacinth that are not there . Well , now just run , " he added , in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

According to Acting ( Acting ) Head of the Regional Bureau Chief and Foreign Cooperation Jakarta , the water hyacinth in Pluit Reservoir relatively fast-growing weeds . Instead of water hyacinth was cleaned manually , the alternative is to use a shredder technology hyacinth .

Heru explained , hyacinth shredder purchase was not budgeted in the local budget (budget ) Establishments 2014. Therefore , purchase of equipment was planned to be purchased through funds from the private sector or Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) .

" Anyway we ask private companies contributing to the needs of the community , " he added .

The plan , the machine was not only placed in Pluit Reservoir , but all reservoirs and rivers in Jakarta . He explains , water hyacinth will be demolished and removed to the barge.

The plan , if there is no problem at customs , on June 22 , hyacinth shredder that will be installed in Pluit Reservoir . For a while , it brought the engine from China . Going forward , he has requested a Japanese company , Sumitomo , as well as the German company , to produce it .
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" But , if the city bought , not that of China , this is just an example only. Later , we stay put , where the most good . If not mistaken , the price of an appliance that Rp 1 billion to Rp 2 billion , " he added .


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