Monday, March 31, 2014

Run over by tanks, Watches It Can Still Turns

Although technology companies are racing to produce smart watches , Victorinox undaunted and remain consistent to produce conventional arlogi .
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Arlogi latest collection dubbed Inox , who claimed to be a friend that is suitable for adventure and can even be used for life . The toughness of these watches has been tested on a series of tests .

Citing Gizmag page , Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) , some extreme tests that have been passed Inox was run over by a tank , dropped on concrete , exposed to extreme temperatures , and is in the middle of a sand storm for hours .

Victorinox says , the ability of the endurance inspired by none other than a Swiss Army knife that has passed more than 130 times the durability tests , including put in the washing machine for two hours non - stop .

Besides these watches can also be invited to dive to a depth of 200 meters and is capable of operating at temperatures up to -51 degrees Celsius +71 degrees Celsius . The body itself is protected by a high -quality crystal bezel and is reinforced with a removable protective cover is made ​​of nylon and silicone .
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Victorinox Inox will be available in a choice of black , green or blue buttons and will be marketed starting September 2014 . Unfortunately , the price has not been announced .


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