Friday, April 18, 2014

Tunisian diplomat kidnapped in Libya

A Tunisian diplomat was kidnapped Thursday in Tripoli in unknown condition , said a Libyan security source told AFP , two days after gunmen capture ambassador to Jordan .

A source confirmed the kidnapping Tunisia and identified the diplomat as Al - Al - Fatnassi Aroussi , but no further details about it .

Ambassador of Tunisia to Libya Rida Boukadi declined to comment about it .

A spokesman for the Libyan Foreign Ministry Said Lessoued said he could not confirm or deny the report the kidnapping, the latest in a series of attacks experienced by foreign diplomats and politicians Libya .

A police official was quoted Tripoli news site Al - Wassat said the diplomat was kidnapped by armed men near al - Kadissiya center field , not far from the Tunisian Embassy .

If confirmed , then dipomat it would be the second person from the Embassy of Tunisia who was kidnapped in the capital city of Libya since March 21 , when a man who was employed by the mission was captured and his fate is unknown until now .

Tuesday , masked gunmen kidnapped the Ambassador of Jordan Fawaz Aitan when he left for work, and they opened fire on the vehicle and injuring the driver .

After the 2011 uprising that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi government , militants in Libya , especially in the eastern region , attacking security forces , foreign citizens , judges , political activists and media workers , which killed more than 300 people .

A car bomb attack targeting a military academy in the city of Benghazi , eastern Libya , on March 17 , killing at least seven soldiers and injuring 12 people

On December 22 , a suicide car bomb attack on a security post 50 kilometers from Benghazi , killing 13 people .

On March 2 , gunmen shot dead a French engineer in Benghazi .

On February 24 , seven Egyptians found dead from a shooting near Benghazi , while in January , gunmen kidnapped five Egyptian diplomat in Tripoli and detained them for several hours .

On December 5 , an American teacher was shot dead in Benghazi , 15 months after the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city .

The death toll is a U.S. citizen who teaches at an international school in the city , security agency spokesman said Ibrahim al - Sharaa .

On the same day , two soldiers were shot dead in Libya separate incidents - last deadly attack on security forces in recent weeks .

On Nov. 28 , three soldiers were killed when the army clashed with militants of Ansar al -Sharia on the last day of a three day strike to protest against the presence of militias in the city .

In another attack on that day , armed men riding a car opened fire towards the two soldiers when they entered a car after leaving the cafe , killing one person .

Benghazi city council announced a three-day strike after a military patrol was attacked near the headquarters of Ansar al -Sharia , the militant group blamed for attacks on the U.S. mission in 2012 .

Authorities blamed the militant group for the violence in Benghazi .

Militants linked to al -Qaeda attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya , Chris Stevens , and three other American citizens on 11 September 2012 .
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Libya's new government is still trying to cope with the number of armed individuals and militias that gained strength during the armed conflict that ousted Muammar Gaddafi .


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