Saturday, April 26, 2014

Protest Ad-Hary Tanoe Wiranto, Ahok Told to Read Advertising Regulation

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja ad protesting presidential and vice presidential candidate Wiranto-Hary Hanura Tanoe stuck on buses Capital. Because it was not a political ad taxed.

But it seems the Head of Capital Tax Iwan Setyawandi not agree with the guy who intimates that Ahok addressed. Why?

Iwan said, in Regulation No. 12 Year 2011 on Tax Billboards, billboards mentioned definition is according to style and variety acts to promote goods and services for commercial purposes. That's the reference that does not collect taxes from political advertising.
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"WIN-HT right political party. Rule it does so. Read about Advertisement Tax Regulation. Definition of what the billboard," said Iwan at City Hall, Friday (04/25/2014).

According to Iwan, although mounted on commercial billboards, but political advertising is not intended for profit. That means there is no obligation to pay taxes by political parties or presidential / vice.

He also rejected the notion that accused Ahok tax exemption for political advertising on commercial billboards, can eliminate local revenue opportunities. Because the selection of advertisements placed or not, depending on the owner thinks the bus.

"A political party comes to bus owners we placed a want ad. Yeah pairs. Kan advertisement purposes he is not for commercial tide., But if anyone wants to put up ads to continue commercial bus owners should not say yes depending on who has," he explained.

Iwan added, not only ad-HT WIN tax exempt, but also applied to advertising and other political candidates. Thus, he argues that the tax exemption measures are in accordance with existing rules.


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