Thursday, April 10, 2014

Woman mugged When Direct TV Interviewed about Crime

A Brazilian woman mugged while being interviewed in a television broadcast about the high level of crime hometown , Rio de Janeiro .

The woman , who was not identified , in an interview on Sunday ( 04/09/2014 ) complained about the lack of police presence during the day , when a mugger tried to snatch a gold chain from his neck . Although pejambret it does not get the jewelry , but he decided that in his quest gold necklace before fleeing across the road to the opposite traffic flow .

The interviewer , who worked for RJTV , pejambret attempt to catch it , but the villain is too fast for him .

Rio is a city that is known throughout the world because of the high crime rate , especially at nearly 1,000 favelas ( slums ) outside the main cities where drug gangs and rampant crime . In August last year alone , there were 406 murders in the city and surrounding area . That figure is up 40 percent from the previous year . In August of the same also 629 robberies on public transport . Figures mugging also jumped nearly 40 percent .

This video can serve as a warning to 're always on the lookout for soccer fans who will be coming to town this summer to watch a World Cup match .

Recently, armed troops backed by helicopters and armored vehicles stormed one of the largest favelas in Brazil , the Complexo da Mare . Invasion was considered as a clean-up efforts ahead of the grand soccer competitions .
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Last month , about 1,400 soldiers and police patrolled the streets of Rio de Janeiro in a show of force to suppress the crime rate in the poorer areas .


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