Monday, April 21, 2014

While counting, the Son of Malang Regent Sound Earn Top

Krishna Dewanata Phrosakh , the party candidate for the House of Representatives of Nasdem , number 1 , won the highest votes than candidates from other political parties contesting the election . Of the total of votes the candidates as much as 89 440 Nasdem voice , child Malang Regent Rendra Kresna , it won 42 493 votes.

" Thank God , I was able to achieve satisfactory sound . This is the mandate of the people are quite heavy . Hopefully I can carry it out . Could represent the people of Malang Raya , " he said during the recapitulation Election Commission Malang in the local parliament building on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

The voting results are still tentative because the recount to three other districts in Malang has not been done .

In a summary of the meeting of the vote in 30 districts in Malang is known , the PDI - P won the highest vote in Malang with 272 699 votes. Candidates with the highest vote of the party bearing the white bull 's snout is Ahmad Basarah with 41 457 votes.

In the second place , Golkar won 179 438 votes and candidates with the highest vote is Ridwan Hisham with 25 789 votes. CLA followed by 165 212 votes. CLA candidates with the highest vote is Latifa Sohib with 26 206 votes.

Gerindra , won 116,775 votes and candidates with the highest voice is racer Moreno Soeprapto with 35 909 votes. Democrats won 54 012 voice sounds . Voice winner is Nurhayati Ali Assegaf terbanyaknya who is still serving as chairman of the Democratic Party House of Representatives with 10,166 votes.

PAN won 51,211 votes and candidates with the highest vote is totok Daryanti with 25 172 votes. Hanura followed with 41,690 votes and candidates with the highest vote is Iman Santoso , Taufik with 7,765 votes.
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Furthermore , MCC won 37 776 votes, PPP with 29 726 votes, 5,556 votes and PKPI UN won only 3,275 votes.


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