Sunday, April 27, 2014

Six Candidate Name Candidate Syria Enliven Stock

Syrian Parliament on Sunday ( 27/4 ) local time to announce the names of four new candidates for the presidential elections next June 3, 2014 in the middle of the state undermined the conflict.

The official Syrian news agency , SANA , released the names of four of the presidential candidates is Sawsan Haddad , Samir Muala , Mohammad Yasin and Abdul - Salam Salameh . They are the last to register the candidacy , so the total number of competitors for the presidential election so six people . Further details regarding the new biography of the candidate has not yet been released .
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10 - day registration period for the high office that Syria started on Tuesday (22 /4) . Voting for Syrian citizens residing in the country will begin on June 3 , while the Syrian citizens residing abroad are scheduled to vote on May 28.

Some candidates are expected to compete for the presidency in accordance with the new constitution of Syria . Syrian election law establishes all candidates must have lived in Syria for 10 consecutive years before running . The requirement severely limits the opposition members in exile , which many of them have lived abroad for many years .

Under the rules , each candidate for the election must obtain the support of 35 MPs . High Constitutional Court , which is charged with overseeing the election process , must learn their petition before the announced candidates within five days after the scheduled 10 - day registration .

The time for the presidential election has angered many in the Syrian opposition , as well as their supporters in the region and internationally who have branded the next ballot as a ' travesty of democracy ' .


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