Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Judge Corruption Call Bhatoegana Thank USD200 thousand

Name Sutan Bhatoegana back called the verdict a former head of Special Unit ( SKK ) Gas Rudi Rubiandini . Sutan said to have received money from Rudi Rubiandini USD200 thousand .

Panel of Judges , the money is handed over to the Sultan was part of the money received from the boss Rudi Kernel Oil Singapore , Widodo Ratanachaitong USD300 thousand .

The money was originally received through golf coach Rudi , Deviardi , then left at the office SKK Independent Oil and Gas in the Plaza Building , Jalan Gatot Subroto , South Jakarta .
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" And the next day on July 26, 2013 was submitted by Deviardi money to the defendant at his office , and by the defendant submitted to Sutan Bhatoegana USD 200 thousand and the rest is stored in the safe deposit box , " said Judge Edi Purnomo Santosa , when reading the legal facts in the analysis juridical verdict Rudi Rubiandini , the Corruption Court on Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

Earlier, public prosecutor (prosecutor ) of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) said in the indictment Suharlis Andi Rudi and Deviardi aka Ardi ( golf coach ) , known to the Chairman of the House Commission VII received funds amounting to U.S. $ 200 thousand from Rudi Rubiandini .

Andi revealed , Rudi on July 25, 2013 contact Deviardi aka Ardi ( golf coach ) and ask for the immediate realization of talks with the Director of Kernel Oil Private Limited ( KOPL ) Widodo Ratanachaitong Singapore , in Singapore before the July 19, 2013 .

Not long after , Deviardi contact Simon Gunawan Tanjaya through BBM and ask if the money could be taken . At that time , Simon agreed that the money could be taken . Attorney Andi said , upon receipt of the money the next Ardi Rudi to submit a report to the next day .

He continued , on July 26, 2013 Deviardi handed money to the defendant Rudi USD300 thousand in Building Plaza Mandiri Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta .

Rudi claimed to provide to Sutan Bhatoegana through Tri Yulianto of USD200 thousand in all fresh fruit store Jalan MT Haryono South Jakarta , the rest is stored in the bank safe deposit box .

In this case , Rudi was sentenced to seven years in prison and a fine of Rp 200 million , a subsidiary three months confinement . Hearing the verdict , Rudi accepted it . " Bismillah , to say Innalillahi I received this verdict , " said Rudi .

Meanwhile , Attorney General Commission , said still thinking related to the judges verdict against Rudi .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Six Candidate Name Candidate Syria Enliven Stock

Syrian Parliament on Sunday ( 27/4 ) local time to announce the names of four new candidates for the presidential elections next June 3, 2014 in the middle of the state undermined the conflict.

The official Syrian news agency , SANA , released the names of four of the presidential candidates is Sawsan Haddad , Samir Muala , Mohammad Yasin and Abdul - Salam Salameh . They are the last to register the candidacy , so the total number of competitors for the presidential election so six people . Further details regarding the new biography of the candidate has not yet been released .
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10 - day registration period for the high office that Syria started on Tuesday (22 /4) . Voting for Syrian citizens residing in the country will begin on June 3 , while the Syrian citizens residing abroad are scheduled to vote on May 28.

Some candidates are expected to compete for the presidency in accordance with the new constitution of Syria . Syrian election law establishes all candidates must have lived in Syria for 10 consecutive years before running . The requirement severely limits the opposition members in exile , which many of them have lived abroad for many years .

Under the rules , each candidate for the election must obtain the support of 35 MPs . High Constitutional Court , which is charged with overseeing the election process , must learn their petition before the announced candidates within five days after the scheduled 10 - day registration .

The time for the presidential election has angered many in the Syrian opposition , as well as their supporters in the region and internationally who have branded the next ballot as a ' travesty of democracy ' .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Protest Ad-Hary Tanoe Wiranto, Ahok Told to Read Advertising Regulation

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja ad protesting presidential and vice presidential candidate Wiranto-Hary Hanura Tanoe stuck on buses Capital. Because it was not a political ad taxed.

But it seems the Head of Capital Tax Iwan Setyawandi not agree with the guy who intimates that Ahok addressed. Why?

Iwan said, in Regulation No. 12 Year 2011 on Tax Billboards, billboards mentioned definition is according to style and variety acts to promote goods and services for commercial purposes. That's the reference that does not collect taxes from political advertising.
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"WIN-HT right political party. Rule it does so. Read about Advertisement Tax Regulation. Definition of what the billboard," said Iwan at City Hall, Friday (04/25/2014).

According to Iwan, although mounted on commercial billboards, but political advertising is not intended for profit. That means there is no obligation to pay taxes by political parties or presidential / vice.

He also rejected the notion that accused Ahok tax exemption for political advertising on commercial billboards, can eliminate local revenue opportunities. Because the selection of advertisements placed or not, depending on the owner thinks the bus.

"A political party comes to bus owners we placed a want ad. Yeah pairs. Kan advertisement purposes he is not for commercial tide., But if anyone wants to put up ads to continue commercial bus owners should not say yes depending on who has," he explained.

Iwan added, not only ad-HT WIN tax exempt, but also applied to advertising and other political candidates. Thus, he argues that the tax exemption measures are in accordance with existing rules.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Manager & Creditor Bank's collapse Compact

Surabaya - East Java Police dismantle burglary Bank's Cluster , Pasuruan worth Rp12 billion .

Perpetrators of bank fraud is a bank manager and his men . Assisted by the five suspects is a third party which consists of property entrepreneurs as the main actors and other entrepreneurs .

Police today arrested two actors is the brain of the private bank fraud . They were AA ( 42 ) , head of the Bank's branches Cluster Pasuruan who lives in Avon Jl Karimata Gang 2 , Sumbersari , Jember .
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As well as AAB ( 35 ) , the origin of property entrepreneurs Bader Road , Village Kalirejo , Bangkil , Pasuruan .

Head of the East Java Police spokesman Comr Setiyono Awi said , the two men are the main perpetrators .

" Two suspects this is the main actor . AAB who apply for credit with a number of other companies using the name , and AA are recommending all the procedures of filing disability , " said Awi in East Java Police Headquarters , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

While 13 other suspects that nine employees of the Bank's status , as well as four of the third party which is the fruit of AAB .

They are WS ( 39 ) , an employee of the Bank Unit Bangkil Sumbersari origin , Jember ; HRPI ( 28 ) , an employee of the DSP unit Wonorejo Pasuruan canal origin Jl Surabaya , Lowokwaru , Malang ; AZ ( 36 ) , resident of Jl Patiunus , Krampyangan , Bugulkidul , Pasuruan status as employees of the Bank Unit Kebonagung .

Plus YN ( 28 ) , the Bank's employees also live in the Village Sladi , Kejayan , Pasuruan ; NK ( 28 ) , a resident Rejoso , Pasuruan who are former employees of the Bank Unit Wonorejo ; and TIP ( 31 ) , an employee of the Bank Unit Wonorejo Polowijen origin , Blimbing , Malang .

In addition , FR ( 32 ) , a resident of East Wonorejo Kedung , Prambon , Sidoarjo status of former employees of the Bank DSP unit Kepanjen Pasuruan ; IH ( 37 ) , an employee of the Bank DSP unit Nongkojajar Pasuruan living in Sukabumi , Mayangan , Probolinggo ; and P ( 37 ) , a resident of Bhakti Karya Kencana Perum Asri , Pasuruan .

Four other suspects a third party is H ( 30 ) , a resident Kalirejo , Bangkil , Pasuruan ; AR ( 31 ) , a resident Kauman , Bangkil ; MI ( 30 ) origin Beji , Pasuruan ; and MF ( 30 ) , living in the Village Pogar , Bangkil , Pasuruan .

"The file is suspected burglary case was split into seven files . Beam had four P - 21 and three other files are still in the process , " he explained .


Monday, April 21, 2014

While counting, the Son of Malang Regent Sound Earn Top

Krishna Dewanata Phrosakh , the party candidate for the House of Representatives of Nasdem , number 1 , won the highest votes than candidates from other political parties contesting the election . Of the total of votes the candidates as much as 89 440 Nasdem voice , child Malang Regent Rendra Kresna , it won 42 493 votes.

" Thank God , I was able to achieve satisfactory sound . This is the mandate of the people are quite heavy . Hopefully I can carry it out . Could represent the people of Malang Raya , " he said during the recapitulation Election Commission Malang in the local parliament building on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

The voting results are still tentative because the recount to three other districts in Malang has not been done .

In a summary of the meeting of the vote in 30 districts in Malang is known , the PDI - P won the highest vote in Malang with 272 699 votes. Candidates with the highest vote of the party bearing the white bull 's snout is Ahmad Basarah with 41 457 votes.

In the second place , Golkar won 179 438 votes and candidates with the highest vote is Ridwan Hisham with 25 789 votes. CLA followed by 165 212 votes. CLA candidates with the highest vote is Latifa Sohib with 26 206 votes.

Gerindra , won 116,775 votes and candidates with the highest voice is racer Moreno Soeprapto with 35 909 votes. Democrats won 54 012 voice sounds . Voice winner is Nurhayati Ali Assegaf terbanyaknya who is still serving as chairman of the Democratic Party House of Representatives with 10,166 votes.

PAN won 51,211 votes and candidates with the highest vote is totok Daryanti with 25 172 votes. Hanura followed with 41,690 votes and candidates with the highest vote is Iman Santoso , Taufik with 7,765 votes.
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Furthermore , MCC won 37 776 votes, PPP with 29 726 votes, 5,556 votes and PKPI UN won only 3,275 votes.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Three Bodies Found Trapped in South Korean ship cabin

Jeju - Teams of divers are still searching for survivors trapped inside the ferry, South Korea (ROK ) , Sewol . Today the divers found three dead bodies floating in the cabin , which is believed by many teenagers trapped inside.

" They saw three bodies floating through the window of a ship's cabin . However , they could not break the window to pick up the dead bodies , " said Coast Guard , as reported by Reuters on Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .
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The discovery comes amid efforts to rescue the stalled due to bad weather . According to reports , the divers had explored approximately 25 kilometers ( 15 miles) off the southwest coast of South Korea .

The ferry carrying 475 passengers , many of them are school students who were to travel from the Port of Incheon to the southern resort island of Jeju.

Unofficial investigation report on the sinking of the suspect Sewol as negligence of the crew of the ship , cargo warehousing , and ship structural defects . Although , the ship had passed all security checks . The incident is the worst thing that ever happened approximately 21 years.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Tunisian diplomat kidnapped in Libya

A Tunisian diplomat was kidnapped Thursday in Tripoli in unknown condition , said a Libyan security source told AFP , two days after gunmen capture ambassador to Jordan .

A source confirmed the kidnapping Tunisia and identified the diplomat as Al - Al - Fatnassi Aroussi , but no further details about it .

Ambassador of Tunisia to Libya Rida Boukadi declined to comment about it .

A spokesman for the Libyan Foreign Ministry Said Lessoued said he could not confirm or deny the report the kidnapping, the latest in a series of attacks experienced by foreign diplomats and politicians Libya .

A police official was quoted Tripoli news site Al - Wassat said the diplomat was kidnapped by armed men near al - Kadissiya center field , not far from the Tunisian Embassy .

If confirmed , then dipomat it would be the second person from the Embassy of Tunisia who was kidnapped in the capital city of Libya since March 21 , when a man who was employed by the mission was captured and his fate is unknown until now .

Tuesday , masked gunmen kidnapped the Ambassador of Jordan Fawaz Aitan when he left for work, and they opened fire on the vehicle and injuring the driver .

After the 2011 uprising that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi government , militants in Libya , especially in the eastern region , attacking security forces , foreign citizens , judges , political activists and media workers , which killed more than 300 people .

A car bomb attack targeting a military academy in the city of Benghazi , eastern Libya , on March 17 , killing at least seven soldiers and injuring 12 people

On December 22 , a suicide car bomb attack on a security post 50 kilometers from Benghazi , killing 13 people .

On March 2 , gunmen shot dead a French engineer in Benghazi .

On February 24 , seven Egyptians found dead from a shooting near Benghazi , while in January , gunmen kidnapped five Egyptian diplomat in Tripoli and detained them for several hours .

On December 5 , an American teacher was shot dead in Benghazi , 15 months after the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city .

The death toll is a U.S. citizen who teaches at an international school in the city , security agency spokesman said Ibrahim al - Sharaa .

On the same day , two soldiers were shot dead in Libya separate incidents - last deadly attack on security forces in recent weeks .

On Nov. 28 , three soldiers were killed when the army clashed with militants of Ansar al -Sharia on the last day of a three day strike to protest against the presence of militias in the city .

In another attack on that day , armed men riding a car opened fire towards the two soldiers when they entered a car after leaving the cafe , killing one person .

Benghazi city council announced a three-day strike after a military patrol was attacked near the headquarters of Ansar al -Sharia , the militant group blamed for attacks on the U.S. mission in 2012 .

Authorities blamed the militant group for the violence in Benghazi .

Militants linked to al -Qaeda attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya , Chris Stevens , and three other American citizens on 11 September 2012 .
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Libya's new government is still trying to cope with the number of armed individuals and militias that gained strength during the armed conflict that ousted Muammar Gaddafi .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Witness Nervous Call Name Budi Mulya in Century Case

JAKARTA - Bank Century case continuation trial resumed today at the Corruption Court House .

Agenda of the trial was to hear witness testimony on the relationship between Budi Mulya ( Former Deputy V of Supervision of Bank Indonesia ) , the provision of Short Term Financing Facility ( FPJP ) to Bank Century .

Public Prosecutor ( Prosecutor) presented three witnesses , namely Eddy Yusuf Sulaiman ( Former Director of Monetary Management of Bank Indonesia ) , Dodi Waluyo ( Former BI officials Monetary Affairs ) and Tri Suparni ( former Directorate of Financing Accounting System ) .
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Eddy Sulaiman Yusuf named in the letter of authorization issued by the former Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Boediono seemed nervous , when asked about whether it is true that Mulya ordered him to make the SE (Circular ) on FPJP or not .

" RDG ( Board of Governors ) Pak " he said several times and re- taken by the same prosecutor who asked for to the point of name calling , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Eddy finally replied that there was an order from Budi Mulya , to complete the funding FPJP SE . " Yes , ( Budi Mulya ) 'm done as well as possible . " She said .

In this session , several times the Chief Judge Eddy memgingatkan to answer the question directly to the principal and not cover up the fact that he knew .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Features burglar , Google Cs Powerful Ways to Prevent Theft Mobile

The world of technology companies and mobile phone manufacturers have stepped forward in order to reduce the number of smart phone theft . At least next year , most smart phones will come with features kill- switch or burglar .

Androidauthority , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , reported that Google , HTC , Motorola , and Samsung agreed to present the features burglar after July 2015 . Decision several companies that were previously inflamed following an initiative by five U.S. carriers , Apple , Huawei , Microsoft , and Nokia .
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Kill- switch feature allows each mobile user is able to delete the data from the phone remotely . This feature can also lock the phone is stolen , so thieves can not access the entry phone . Thus the phone can not be used and no value if resold by the thief .

The initiative came in response to legislation in various countries , which mandates the kind of kill- switch feature . Although the idea to include the features that had been criticized , but lawmakers unmoved because they believe this option could reduce the number of mobile phone theft .

" Just a few weeks ago , the wireless industry claims this approach is not feasible and counterproductive , " said Califronia state senator , Mark Leno . He paid no idea who oppose the burglar features .

" The main purpose of this feature is to combat street crime and theft with violence involving smart phones and tablets , " said Leno . The use of features delivered to mobile phone users , whether to activate the feature or not .

For such antimaling feature , Apple has been pioneered by presenting Lock Activation feature on the iOS operating system 7 . Feature of this kind has not been present on the Android device .


Hatta Have No Need Edberg Discuss Coalition

Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Hatta Rajasa said his party has not made ​​any keputusuan about the direction of the coalition . PAN , Hatta , also yet to nominate candidates for president and vice president will be carried in the upcoming presidential election . According to him , the discourse of her duet with Prabowo was just crowded in social media .

" Yes , it ( Prabowo - Hatta ) right in the crowded social media , leave it alone . We are still talking , still no decisions . Proceed we shall see all , do not rowdy , " Hatta said after a meeting at the office of the Vice President , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Hatta said his party still has plenty of time until the registration of candidates for President and Vice President were closed in May. " So I think it's before May 15 ( coalition ) would have been formed , " said Coordinating Minister for the Economy.

Hatta continued , PAN is still open at this time of intensive political communication with the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Gerindra , and the Democratic Party . Coalition , said Hatta , is a thing that can not be avoided because there is no party won by a landslide .

Duet Prabowo - Hatta had raised Gerindra elite as one of the options in the Presidential election coalition . This discourse had surfaced in March 2013 , after Prabowo visited Hatta home in early February 2013 . On the other hand , the PAN also open up more options to carry Hatta as vice presidential candidate from Joko Widodo .
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In the compass on a quick count , stating that the PAN was sixth with 7.51 percent . PAN was still under PDIP ( 19.24 percent ) , the Golkar Party ( 15.01 percent ) , Gerindra ( 11.77 percent ) , Democrats ( 9.43 percent ) , the National Awakening Party ( 9.12 percent ) .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

DKI Procurement Wacanakan Crusher Machine Water Hyacinth

North Jakarta Mayor Heru Budi Hartono said it would buy a shredder hyacinth in Pluit Reservoir . The decision to buy the goods following a number of reports and complaints about the number of people who pollute the water hyacinth Pluit Reservoir .

" The money is already there . Lives intention to want to destroy the water hyacinth that are not there . Well , now just run , " he added , in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

According to Acting ( Acting ) Head of the Regional Bureau Chief and Foreign Cooperation Jakarta , the water hyacinth in Pluit Reservoir relatively fast-growing weeds . Instead of water hyacinth was cleaned manually , the alternative is to use a shredder technology hyacinth .

Heru explained , hyacinth shredder purchase was not budgeted in the local budget (budget ) Establishments 2014. Therefore , purchase of equipment was planned to be purchased through funds from the private sector or Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) .

" Anyway we ask private companies contributing to the needs of the community , " he added .

The plan , the machine was not only placed in Pluit Reservoir , but all reservoirs and rivers in Jakarta . He explains , water hyacinth will be demolished and removed to the barge.

The plan , if there is no problem at customs , on June 22 , hyacinth shredder that will be installed in Pluit Reservoir . For a while , it brought the engine from China . Going forward , he has requested a Japanese company , Sumitomo , as well as the German company , to produce it .
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" But , if the city bought , not that of China , this is just an example only. Later , we stay put , where the most good . If not mistaken , the price of an appliance that Rp 1 billion to Rp 2 billion , " he added .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tips to Manage Views Category Hubs

Create a BlackBerry 10 device user , the BlackBerry Hub certainly be one of the most visited feature . For this feature to save every communication that occurs in the BlackBerry , either use the default application or third-party .

If you go into the BlackBerry Hub , when opening menu by selecting the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen . The user will be presented a kind of separate categories based on the type of incoming communications or applications used , such as komonikasi phone , BBM , SMS , or communications using third party applications such as Facebook , Twitter , WhatsApp and others .

This display can be personalized . Users can choose what types of messages are displayed in the Hub category , separating certain messages from the Hub category , or specify what kind of message is only displayed in the Hub category without displaying a special category .
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To more easily understand it , here's how to manage the display of categorization BlackBerry Hub .

1 . Open BlackBerry Hub . Select More in the lower right corner of the screen .

2 . Choose Settings .

3 . Earn Hub management .

4 . Choose the type of communication that would like to be managed . In this example PULSE choose Facebook .

5 . Well , here are 3 options will be available . The first is the Only Show in the Hub . By choosing this type of communication will not be having a special category in the BlackBerry Hub and only appear on the Hub category .

Then there is the option Only Show in the Separate Account . By choosing this type of communication that does not appear in the Hub category and only appear on the category itself .
And the last is the default option Show in Both .

6 . If you think that kind of communication is important , for example chosen is the email account associated with a job or business , you can choose to mark with colors . So you can easily find these communications when choosing to bring it into the category of the Hub .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Woman mugged When Direct TV Interviewed about Crime

A Brazilian woman mugged while being interviewed in a television broadcast about the high level of crime hometown , Rio de Janeiro .

The woman , who was not identified , in an interview on Sunday ( 04/09/2014 ) complained about the lack of police presence during the day , when a mugger tried to snatch a gold chain from his neck . Although pejambret it does not get the jewelry , but he decided that in his quest gold necklace before fleeing across the road to the opposite traffic flow .

The interviewer , who worked for RJTV , pejambret attempt to catch it , but the villain is too fast for him .

Rio is a city that is known throughout the world because of the high crime rate , especially at nearly 1,000 favelas ( slums ) outside the main cities where drug gangs and rampant crime . In August last year alone , there were 406 murders in the city and surrounding area . That figure is up 40 percent from the previous year . In August of the same also 629 robberies on public transport . Figures mugging also jumped nearly 40 percent .

This video can serve as a warning to 're always on the lookout for soccer fans who will be coming to town this summer to watch a World Cup match .

Recently, armed troops backed by helicopters and armored vehicles stormed one of the largest favelas in Brazil , the Complexo da Mare . Invasion was considered as a clean-up efforts ahead of the grand soccer competitions .
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Last month , about 1,400 soldiers and police patrolled the streets of Rio de Janeiro in a show of force to suppress the crime rate in the poorer areas .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Prevent Blood Cancer Children's to Keep Learning

Yogyakarta, hard lesson often make children lazy in school . No wonder if some children wished to be rid of the pain of learning activities in school . But these children , although plagued by severe pain , it still wants to learn .

Every Monday to Friday , children of cancer patients living in shelters Love Child Cancer Foundation Jogja ( YKAKJ ) undergo a learning process . They learn in a tiny room filled with a variety of props , toys , and feet work . Cancer does not deter the boys desire to learn .

Akhid Fathul Aufa , for example . Five- year-old boy with ceriwisnya spell letters and words he had written. Though the boy is suffering from leukemia and is undergoing treatment .

A strong desire for the boys to learn even while undergoing chemotherapy carried away . In a semi-conscious condition under the influence of drugs, some delirious kids say they want to learn .

" When their chemotherapy , pain , they are calling us , ' Teacher , I want to learn , ' " said Rizka Dinta Murbaningtyas , teachers at the school , tells the experience of emotion he had ever experienced .

That spirit can sometimes be a slap for Dinta . He remembered the junior and senior high school when he sometimes fever or flu wants to be rid of the school . While the children who he coached to keep the spirit of learning despite being seriously ill .
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Not only sweet things that they can . Several times Dinta and colleagues , Winda Yuniartika Rachmawati , also experienced unpleasant things . Among these children when emotions become unstable and explode under the influence of drugs .

" Some of the children were given the drug after chemo changed its 180 degrees . Fact, such is not the boy again , like everyone else , " said Dinta on detikHealth , and written on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

Faced with the emotional changes , Winda and Dinta can only accept . They hope the children can absorb what they teach and get well soon . However, sometimes fate would . Of the 31 children who had enrolled at the halfway house , four have passed away .