Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Features burglar , Google Cs Powerful Ways to Prevent Theft Mobile

The world of technology companies and mobile phone manufacturers have stepped forward in order to reduce the number of smart phone theft . At least next year , most smart phones will come with features kill- switch or burglar .

Androidauthority , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , reported that Google , HTC , Motorola , and Samsung agreed to present the features burglar after July 2015 . Decision several companies that were previously inflamed following an initiative by five U.S. carriers , Apple , Huawei , Microsoft , and Nokia .
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Kill- switch feature allows each mobile user is able to delete the data from the phone remotely . This feature can also lock the phone is stolen , so thieves can not access the entry phone . Thus the phone can not be used and no value if resold by the thief .

The initiative came in response to legislation in various countries , which mandates the kind of kill- switch feature . Although the idea to include the features that had been criticized , but lawmakers unmoved because they believe this option could reduce the number of mobile phone theft .

" Just a few weeks ago , the wireless industry claims this approach is not feasible and counterproductive , " said Califronia state senator , Mark Leno . He paid no idea who oppose the burglar features .

" The main purpose of this feature is to combat street crime and theft with violence involving smart phones and tablets , " said Leno . The use of features delivered to mobile phone users , whether to activate the feature or not .

For such antimaling feature , Apple has been pioneered by presenting Lock Activation feature on the iOS operating system 7 . Feature of this kind has not been present on the Android device .


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