Thursday, April 17, 2014

Witness Nervous Call Name Budi Mulya in Century Case

JAKARTA - Bank Century case continuation trial resumed today at the Corruption Court House .

Agenda of the trial was to hear witness testimony on the relationship between Budi Mulya ( Former Deputy V of Supervision of Bank Indonesia ) , the provision of Short Term Financing Facility ( FPJP ) to Bank Century .

Public Prosecutor ( Prosecutor) presented three witnesses , namely Eddy Yusuf Sulaiman ( Former Director of Monetary Management of Bank Indonesia ) , Dodi Waluyo ( Former BI officials Monetary Affairs ) and Tri Suparni ( former Directorate of Financing Accounting System ) .
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Eddy Sulaiman Yusuf named in the letter of authorization issued by the former Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Boediono seemed nervous , when asked about whether it is true that Mulya ordered him to make the SE (Circular ) on FPJP or not .

" RDG ( Board of Governors ) Pak " he said several times and re- taken by the same prosecutor who asked for to the point of name calling , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Eddy finally replied that there was an order from Budi Mulya , to complete the funding FPJP SE . " Yes , ( Budi Mulya ) 'm done as well as possible . " She said .

In this session , several times the Chief Judge Eddy memgingatkan to answer the question directly to the principal and not cover up the fact that he knew .


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