Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vitamins and "Infused Water", Secret Stamina Commissioner Commission

Implementation of the five-yearly party democracy presents many stories . Many parties are involved in it , a lot of energy drained stamina and strength are required , especially for officers organizers . This is the secret story of the commissioners of the General Election Commission ( KPU ) to maintain stamina still excellent .

On Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) afternoon , KPU commissioner Sigit Pamungkas leaving one of the tables in the main boardroom Commission Building , Central Jakarta . Hundreds of pieces of the file to be signed waiver for a moment . One corner of the meeting room into the goal . There was a massage chair . Sigit then lay down on the chair .
( Read: penyakit burung kacer )

" Sleepy , heavy eye start , " said Sigit .

His eyes were tired of having to sign more than 13 thousand pieces of recapitulation certificate file candidates for the national and regional parliaments . His voice hoarse from the flu that attacked . Could be , because his stamina drop recapitulation process has been going on since 26 April 2014 for 14 days . Sigit , the commissioners , and Commission officials started work from 10.00 am to midnight , even to change the day .

About 30 minutes to rest his body , Sigit back to his desk and struggling with a pile of files that awaits him . Oil winds became his weapon .

If Sigit got the flu , other commissioners , Arief Budiman , have high blood pressure to 130/100 .

" Normally that just under 80 , " said Arief after medics checked the Commission in the same room .

Examination was performed while Arief also being signed tens of thousands of files . In addition to blood pressure , he also checked blood sugar and uric acid .

" Normal , " said former East Java KPU .

Compared Sigit , Arief is working faster . At 16:30 pm he finished signing the certificate file recapitulation Parliament of 77 electoral districts ( constituencies ) , each of which consists of 10 pieces that should be duplicated as many as 12 pieces for each political party . He also drank a multivitamin grain obtained from a doctor Commission .

As with the KPU chairman Husni Kamil Manik . Husni rely on " infused water" to keep his stamina still excellent . He was drinking at least once a day before bedtime . His wife who made ​​a drink of water and the lemon juice every day .

" Never , I did not go home , my kids asked for an office boy . , But do not have time to drink as well , " said the former member of the Commission of West Sumatra .

As with Sigit , Husni also occasionally enjoy the vibe of a massage chair .

" No other special tips , " he said .


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