Saturday, May 3, 2014

Russia claims Ukraine Got Right Attack

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin's claim , the clash that took place in Odessa happened through no fault of Russia .
Putin 's spokesman explained , Ukrainian troops who killed a number of civilians were carried out in air defense Slaviansk City , retaliation directed against Russia .

Upper back surgery seizure efforts by Ukraine 's territory , also called the Kiev Russia had violated international peace treaties .
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Russia did not hesitate to declare , it has tens of thousands of troops in the border force . Moscow claims , if necessary , attack his country has the right to protect the citizens of the Russian language in Ukraine .

Kiev is getting full support of the West is revealed , the use of bullets used to attack two military helicopters that Ukraine , also strengthened by the presence of Russian troops in the city adjacent to the Slaviansk .

Not only that , Ukraine is also explained , that forces the Russian saboteurs , the Friday evening , attempted to enter the city belongs to Ukraine . However , they were repulsed by the troops of the Ukrainian border .

Ukraine claims , Russia entered the Ukrainian border region . Only , Moscow denies it was involved in the clashes . Russian security agents also stated , that it is not true .

Inevitable crisis in Ukraine has now been struck Odessa . Region in eastern Ukraine 's Russian-speaking majority , initially not affected by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia . However , the death toll has now fallen there .

Kiev government are now increasingly paid full attention to its regions are located in the eastern region . Moreover , it is increasingly enhanced surveillance efforts following the tercaploknya Crimea became part of Russia , in March last .

Ukraine also confirmed the reason . Kiev said efforts by the defense in the eastern region of Ukraine is very appropriate, because Moscow had much to do violence on those points .

Kiev expresses , the Russian supporters have been putting civilians in danger . Ukraine also said Russia captivating number of support troops hostage and has created an atmosphere of terror around the eastern region .

Tensions with Russia, which continues to flare in the eastern region is also becoming stronger shadowing the smooth process of the Ukrainian presidential election , which will be held next May 25 .


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