Friday, May 23, 2014

BNN Hold Parents Give Drug Education

The important role of a teacher in a nurturing their students are not just limited to the school environment as an educator and provide formal learning . But also the spirit of this can be taken to educate the dangers of drug spread to the immediate environment .

Director Information Dissemination National Narcotics Agency ( BNN ) Gun Gun Siswandi revealed , the goal held Focus Group Discussion ( FGD ) is to enlighten the public about the dangers of drugs and want to address them .
( Read: kroto semut )

" Since we can not move on their own , we need help mothers to go into the family , then in the event we discuss with them so that they could also invite the local community to stay away from drugs , " said Gun at Central Secretariat Conscience Movement Nusantara ( Gann ) , in Cinere Depok , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

Activities organized by the Directorate of Prevention Deputy Information Dissemination BNN has performed more than 100 times that involves various elements of the community , ranging from students , community mothers to mothers taklim .

" Our target in 2014 is 360 times . Initinya is with these activities we can involve the community to increase knowledge about the dangers of drugs in the community , " he said .

One of the FGD participants , Rohimah added, he gained considerable knowledge in many of these activities . So that he became aware semahin and ready to keep my family and the environment of the drug .

" I will also spread the knowledge that I can be the mother to the study - the mother of my environment , because of course they have children and grand children to be given guidance and education about the dangers of drugs as early as possible , " he said .


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