Monday, May 26, 2014

Not deterrent, vehicle owners Betah Still Illegal Parking in the Area

Rows of motorcycles and cars still meet the curb around the area of ​​Glodok , West Jakarta . The owner of the vehicle as no deterrent to the nipple and remove the raid tire deflation , which at times made ​​by the Sub-Department ( Sub ) Transportation West Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

" Yes exhausted bear , no matter briefly wrote, so yes park here ( side of the road ) , " said Laurin , a visitor Harco Glodok .

A visitor Lindeteves Trade Center ( LTC ) , Renald , even not afraid nipple motorcycle tires lifted Transportation Sub-Department officers . He claimed to have netted similar .

"At that time I never tire of this bike is revoked , wrote troublesome indeed . Yeah was not cured , because the raid also rarely right . Occasionally I also wrote here , " he told .
( Read: jual sangkar ukir ) observation , along Jalan Pinangsia lined up Olimo there are two and four -wheeled vehicles parked wild . Also seen parking attendants middle set of vehicles in the parking lot was illegal . But he refused to answer when asked her .

Separately , Head of Section of Supervision and Control of West Jakarta Transportation Sub-Department , Imam Slamet said that a surprise inspection ( inspection ) for illegal parked vehicles routinely performed with a combined team , members of the police and military .

" For our routine inspection done at least twice a month . , But weve not scheduled , up only . Order not to leak to the public and we can those naughty , " said Slamet .


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