Thursday, May 1, 2014

Labor Day holiday in Yogya Hotel Occupancy Up 15 Percent

The first Labor Day holiday the international community seems to be used with the roads out of town . The proof , the first Labor Day holiday this hotel occupancy or the occupancy of hotel rooms in the city of Yogyakarta rose 15 percent from a normal day .

" Occupancy hotels in Yogyakarta rose 15 percent . Average hotel occupancy rate reached 80 percent and up to 90 and even 100 percent in the ring of the hotels , " said secretary of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association ( IHRA ) Yogyakarta , Deddy Pranowo Eryono Thursday ( fifth ) .
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According to him , the increase in volcanic activity not affect tourist arrivals in Yogyakarta . The hotel occupancy continues to survive until the weekend . " Merapi naampaknya not affected , " he said .

The increase in tourists visiting Yogyakarta is also evident from the increase in train daily occupancy in the Regional Operations ( Daop ) VI Yogyakarta during May.

Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Regional Operations ( Daop ) VI Yogyakarta Bambang Setyo Prayitno said trains daily occupancy in Daop VI has increased five to 10 percent of the daily occupancy in the previous month .
" The increase in occupancy is due to the number of days off in May. Including the Labor Day holiday , " he said .

The increase in occupancy this he said , going on evenly for a variety of purposes ranging from Jakarta , Bandung , Surabaya and Malang .
Based on data from booking train tickets until 15:00 pm Wednesday , booking tickets for departure to Jakarta 18 and May 27 has reached 80 percent of the total seats , tickets to London sold 50 percent , as well as for the purpose of ticket Suarabaya 70 percent .

According to him , it will maximize the range of the railroad car in anticipation of a surge in the number of passengers . " If the usual PT KAI provides eight train carriages for the purpose of Jakarta and Surabaya , PT KAI will add one to two cars , " he said .


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