Monday, May 19, 2014

Pamela Anderson Sex Crimes Victim Still At Small

Artist Pamela Anderson made ​​a shocking confession about his childhood . Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) , Anderson claimed to have been victims of sexual crimes .

" I feel it's time to reveal some of the most painful memories for me , " Anderson said as quoted by the Huffington Post .

" At the risk of opening up, once again , become inappropriate or longer , I thought I should share this experience with you , the reason I do this , " said Anderson .

In launching the animal care foundation he founded , Anderson recounts the first time she experienced sexual harassment at the age of six years . The culprit was his babysitter .
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The same incident occurred six years later . " I went to my boyfriend's friend's house . His brother taught me to play backgammon , " said women's birth was July 1, 1967 .

From there it started rape . " At the time he was 25 and I was 12 years old , " said the actress is sticking through his role as a member of surf life in the television series Baywatch .

Anderson added , as a teenager he raped a former girlfriend . " He along with six of his friends . Felt I wanted to die , " said Anderson .

The 46 -year -old woman explained that she had suffered trauma to difficult to trust others . " My loyalty is only to the animals . I swore to protect them and only them , "said Anderson , who has dual citizenship , Canada and the United States .

Besides being known as an actress , mother of two children was also known as an activist for animal rights movement . He aggressively opposed the apparel industry of animal fur and actively promote a vegetarian lifestyle .


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