Thursday, March 13, 2014

Release - Dara-china sea, the Nomad is Critical

BOGOR , BIRD INDONESIA - Indonesia has one of the most important in terms of marine and coastal biodiversity . As a country which has the second- longest coastline in the world after Canada , Indonesia also has one of the potential for bird migration stopover .
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Chinese terns ( Sterna bernsteini ) is one type of sea bird migration . Bird measures 40 cm which breed in China is wandering the corridors land use as the route travels east . Territory wanderings ever recorded up to the waters around Manila , Sarawak , and Halmahera .

Activities forked tail bird migration into this every year begins around October to April . This is because , his native place in September to November is winter so they wander and returned again in March and April when spring arrives . The main thing that distinguishes between terns Chinese in Indonesia with breeding in China are from the forehead appear whiter . (see also: vitamin burung)

Of the approximately 14 species of terns Laridae tribe which is located in Indonesia , China terns are the only type endangered . International Union for the Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ) status define " critical " ( Critically Endangered / CR ) . Globally , the population of China terns about 50 adult individuals . Its population is likely to decline due to the reduction in its natural habitat is the coastal wetlands in the region , as well as making eggs for consumption tersaru with other types of shore birds eggs .


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