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Know the taiga biome The characteristics and Fauna taiga biome

Taiga is a forest biome in which there is only one kind of tree species seerti conifer or pine and the like . The existence of the taiga can be seen especially in the northern hemisphere such as Russia , Northern Siberia , and Central and Northern Canada . Growth taiga in the summer lasts for 3 to 6 months .
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Know the taiga biome - The characteristics and Fauna taiga biome
taiga biome
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The characteristics of the taiga biome
Traits - traits of the taiga biome including temperature reaches 0 ° F in winter and reaches 90 ° F or more in the summer . Winter lasts very long and this area is very wet due to the low evaporation . Taiga also found in temperate areas with rainfall reaching 35-40 cm per year . When winter comes , the existing ground will turn into ice and reach 2m below the ground surface . Taiga itself has acidic soil .

Plants in the taiga is always green throughout the year although at the time it was winter with very low temperatures . As already mentioned earlier that only a few plants that can live in the taiga for example conifers and pine . Due to the number of plants that grow in the taiga coniferous this makes so-called taiga coniferous forests . Trees in coniferous forests is shaped like a needle and also has a waxy substance that makes it resistant to drought . The conifer plants such as alder , birch , juniper and spruce .

Animals / Fauna Living in the taiga biome
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Existing circumstances which makes only a few animals can survive in the taiga area . Some of them such as bears , wolves ajax , black bears , and birds will migrate when winter arrives . In addition there are also animals such as squirrels and small mammals . Animal - the animal is able to hibernate when winter comes . Animals - animals that live in the taiga areas are usually located in the southern area of ​​tundra that is in the temperate zones to the poles . So this area is called the boreal forest or swampy forests .


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