Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Calm Thoughts on the Holy Mountain

Mount Sanqingshan

Sanqingshan has been regarded as a sacred place that is used by the Taoists for meditation . This place is also believed to lead immortality . This area will be shrouded in fog for 200 days each year .
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The fog covered most of the mountain areas and swimming pools . The shape will be very beautiful at that time . A wide variety of silhouettes trees, the animals will be visible from here .

Not only that , Sanqingshan is home to about 2,500 species of plants . This is where the only place the ingredients used in the manufacture of traditional medicines in China . The mountain is located in the west Mountains National Park Huyaiyu , Jiangxi , China in the east . Another uniqueness of this mountain displays a unique array of forest around it .
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The area is also subject to a combination of season and subtropical maritime influences that form an island in the subtropical forest around it . He also has forests and many waterfalls , some of them as high as 60 meters , lakes , and springs .


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