Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lapindo Minarak Could Not Get Rid of Indemnity

PT Lapindo Jaya Minarak as paymaster PT Lapindo Brantas Inc. does not claim to be able to repay the compensation of victims of Lapindo mud entering the affected area map . The company hopes that the government provide loans with a certain grace period .

Minarak Director of PT Lapindo Jaya ( MLJ ) Andi Darussalam Tabusala say , obligations that must be paid to the victims of the mud reached Rp 786 billion . Obligations that should be met by 2012 , but until now has not been able to accomplished .
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" We want to finish it on schedule . However , the company 's financial condition has not been possible so had to wait until business recovered , " said Andi , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

Lapindo mud gushed on May 29, 2006 in the village of Siring , Porong , Sidoarjo regency , East Java . Bursts of drilling in the well caused by PT Lapindo Brantas was about thousands of homes and farm land .

By the government , mudflow victims divided into two categories , namely those that fall into the affected area map ( PAT ) and an area of ​​640 hectares outside the PAT .

The basis is the determination of Presidential Regulation No. 48 of 2008 on the Amendment of Presidential Decree No. 14 Year 2007 on the Sidoarjo Mud Mitigation Agency . Areas affected Lapindo agreed aided and outside of government dependents maps of the state budget .

PT MLJ claims already spend up to Rp 9 trillion, or 80 percent to pay the victim compensation of mud in PAT . Payment of the remaining Rp 786 billion or 20 percent of the promised repaid the end of 2012 , but was delayed until now .

Due to delay in payment of the remainder of the compensation , Andi said , it got a warning letter from the Minister of Public Works Djoko Kirmanto as Chairman of the Advisory Board Sidoarjo Mud Mitigation Agency ( BPLS ) . Contents , PT Lapindo requested maximum settle payment obligations end in June 2014 .

Responding to the letter , PT MLJ pleaded not capable . They asked the government to help by lending funds from the bank to the MLJ . Similar ease 've done in 2009 , MLJ got a loan from Bank Rakyat Indonesia .

Another solution , Andi , asked the government to pay compensation to buy assets such as government resident outside the map . Lapindo will take over the asset when it has a replacement fund .

Residents are tired

One of the victims of the mud , Danu Bambang Setiawan ( 66 ) , said it is hoped the payment of compensation paid immediately . He admitted that he had tired of eight years of fighting for the payment of compensation they are entitled .

"It's been eight years we fight for their rights . So, it is expected the government to intervene , especially the Constitutional Court has mandated that the verdict , " said Archer .

Chairman of the Special Committee on Parliament Sidoarjo mudflow Emir Firdaus said , it's time to intervene because the central government began to mudflow victims by blocking efforts to control emotions mudflow handled by BPLS .

"The actions of the victim began to endanger the public interest because it can lead to collapse and flood mud embankment widespread if not look for a solution , " said the Emir .

Special Committee has formulated three solutions , the government should impose sanctions on Lapindo if not immediately pay off . The second option , the government provides loans to companies with collateral certificate land and houses . The final choice , the government bought the land and buildings belonging to the victim mud in PAT by using state budget funds .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Not deterrent, vehicle owners Betah Still Illegal Parking in the Area

Rows of motorcycles and cars still meet the curb around the area of ​​Glodok , West Jakarta . The owner of the vehicle as no deterrent to the nipple and remove the raid tire deflation , which at times made ​​by the Sub-Department ( Sub ) Transportation West Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

" Yes exhausted bear , no matter briefly wrote, so yes park here ( side of the road ) , " said Laurin , a visitor Harco Glodok .

A visitor Lindeteves Trade Center ( LTC ) , Renald , even not afraid nipple motorcycle tires lifted Transportation Sub-Department officers . He claimed to have netted similar .

"At that time I never tire of this bike is revoked , wrote troublesome indeed . Yeah was not cured , because the raid also rarely right . Occasionally I also wrote here , " he told .
( Read: jual sangkar ukir ) observation , along Jalan Pinangsia lined up Olimo there are two and four -wheeled vehicles parked wild . Also seen parking attendants middle set of vehicles in the parking lot was illegal . But he refused to answer when asked her .

Separately , Head of Section of Supervision and Control of West Jakarta Transportation Sub-Department , Imam Slamet said that a surprise inspection ( inspection ) for illegal parked vehicles routinely performed with a combined team , members of the police and military .

" For our routine inspection done at least twice a month . , But weve not scheduled , up only . Order not to leak to the public and we can those naughty , " said Slamet .


Friday, May 23, 2014

BNN Hold Parents Give Drug Education

The important role of a teacher in a nurturing their students are not just limited to the school environment as an educator and provide formal learning . But also the spirit of this can be taken to educate the dangers of drug spread to the immediate environment .

Director Information Dissemination National Narcotics Agency ( BNN ) Gun Gun Siswandi revealed , the goal held Focus Group Discussion ( FGD ) is to enlighten the public about the dangers of drugs and want to address them .
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" Since we can not move on their own , we need help mothers to go into the family , then in the event we discuss with them so that they could also invite the local community to stay away from drugs , " said Gun at Central Secretariat Conscience Movement Nusantara ( Gann ) , in Cinere Depok , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

Activities organized by the Directorate of Prevention Deputy Information Dissemination BNN has performed more than 100 times that involves various elements of the community , ranging from students , community mothers to mothers taklim .

" Our target in 2014 is 360 times . Initinya is with these activities we can involve the community to increase knowledge about the dangers of drugs in the community , " he said .

One of the FGD participants , Rohimah added, he gained considerable knowledge in many of these activities . So that he became aware semahin and ready to keep my family and the environment of the drug .

" I will also spread the knowledge that I can be the mother to the study - the mother of my environment , because of course they have children and grand children to be given guidance and education about the dangers of drugs as early as possible , " he said .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

JK So "magnet" in the Eyes of Citizens NU

Figure Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) , which towed Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) becomes candidate for Vice President of the magnet will be the mass of the citizens of NU East Java .

JK assessed figure will be able to conquer Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa in East Java .

" JK figure that will be a magnet against the Nahdliyin . Prediction me , in East Java Jokowi- JK to be superior . Predisksi me , Jokowi - JK will be able to reach 70 percent in East Java sound . Prabowo - Hatta will only reach 30 percent , " political observers said the Merdeka University of Malang , Rachmad Effendy , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .
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However , the two vice - presidential candidate 's spouse is equally strong . Vision and mission assessed ideal . " When viewed from political communication style or rhetoric , Prabowo superior Jokowi . However , that selling yourself Jokowi , character and personality are populist and hardworking spirit , " said Rachmad .

In the eyes of the people of East Java , especially residents Nahdliyin , Jokowi - JK has more allure than the figure Prabowo - Hatta . " Moreover , JK is Mustasyar NU . Mate Prabowo While only the winning team leader Mahfud MD and some kiai . Was only support personnel , " he said .

Jokowi- JK will be able to reach 70 percent in East Java , said Rachmad , if pemenangannya team work effectively and party machines running maximum . " Because PKB East Java has a nice voice . , But , if not political machine amksimal road , could lose out on a couple Prabowo - Hatta , " he said .

Rachmad offers , both couples , for in the region of East Java , should offer some programs that touch with the community . " People in East Java , the majority of farmers . Therefore , food security programs must be the main program both spouses candidate , " he said .

Rachmad hope , second -vice presidential candidate 's spouse , reducing each campaign vilifying fellow -vice presidential candidate . " Because it will actually hurt those who do . Society began to smart and do not like candidates who demonize other candidates , " he said .

Asked about " Mahfud Effect " , Rachmad judge will not be too effective . " Because the figure Jokowi already won in the imaging community and has become an idol . Paired with the JK even more attractive in the eyes of citizens and rooted Nahdliyin , " he said .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inflation Due to Poor People, Government Sinner

Coordinating Minister ( Menko ) Chairul Economic Affairs expresses society 's welfare state is strongly influenced inflation . Therefore , if the inflation rate is too high , then the public will be affected by that .

" High inflation will result in a decline in purchasing power and increasing our poor communities . 40 percent of our population is categorized as low-income , in other words poor or near-poor , " said Chairul at the National Workshop : Awakening the Nation Building Economic BI Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Furthermore , if inflation Chairul states can not be controlled , then the lives of the people of poor and near-poor category will be increasingly difficult . This is because their real income is reduced due to cut inflation .

" We as responsible officials in the central or governors , mayors , and regents would be sinful if we are not able to make our society more prosperous , " said Chairul .
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Chairul explained , in the last 10 years of economic growth in Indonesia was less than 5.5 percent . Even the World Bank has just put Indonesia in the top ten of the world economy by purchasing power or purchasing power parity .

" I believe a strong Indonesian can happen if a local authority is strong, because Indonesia will be stronger as a whole is only possible if all local governments are all really strong . Here duty and our responsibility to make the whole stronger and empowered local governments , " he said .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Pamela Anderson Sex Crimes Victim Still At Small

Artist Pamela Anderson made ​​a shocking confession about his childhood . Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) , Anderson claimed to have been victims of sexual crimes .

" I feel it's time to reveal some of the most painful memories for me , " Anderson said as quoted by the Huffington Post .

" At the risk of opening up, once again , become inappropriate or longer , I thought I should share this experience with you , the reason I do this , " said Anderson .

In launching the animal care foundation he founded , Anderson recounts the first time she experienced sexual harassment at the age of six years . The culprit was his babysitter .
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The same incident occurred six years later . " I went to my boyfriend's friend's house . His brother taught me to play backgammon , " said women's birth was July 1, 1967 .

From there it started rape . " At the time he was 25 and I was 12 years old , " said the actress is sticking through his role as a member of surf life in the television series Baywatch .

Anderson added , as a teenager he raped a former girlfriend . " He along with six of his friends . Felt I wanted to die , " said Anderson .

The 46 -year -old woman explained that she had suffered trauma to difficult to trust others . " My loyalty is only to the animals . I swore to protect them and only them , "said Anderson , who has dual citizenship , Canada and the United States .

Besides being known as an actress , mother of two children was also known as an activist for animal rights movement . He aggressively opposed the apparel industry of animal fur and actively promote a vegetarian lifestyle .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vitamins and "Infused Water", Secret Stamina Commissioner Commission

Implementation of the five-yearly party democracy presents many stories . Many parties are involved in it , a lot of energy drained stamina and strength are required , especially for officers organizers . This is the secret story of the commissioners of the General Election Commission ( KPU ) to maintain stamina still excellent .

On Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) afternoon , KPU commissioner Sigit Pamungkas leaving one of the tables in the main boardroom Commission Building , Central Jakarta . Hundreds of pieces of the file to be signed waiver for a moment . One corner of the meeting room into the goal . There was a massage chair . Sigit then lay down on the chair .
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" Sleepy , heavy eye start , " said Sigit .

His eyes were tired of having to sign more than 13 thousand pieces of recapitulation certificate file candidates for the national and regional parliaments . His voice hoarse from the flu that attacked . Could be , because his stamina drop recapitulation process has been going on since 26 April 2014 for 14 days . Sigit , the commissioners , and Commission officials started work from 10.00 am to midnight , even to change the day .

About 30 minutes to rest his body , Sigit back to his desk and struggling with a pile of files that awaits him . Oil winds became his weapon .

If Sigit got the flu , other commissioners , Arief Budiman , have high blood pressure to 130/100 .

" Normally that just under 80 , " said Arief after medics checked the Commission in the same room .

Examination was performed while Arief also being signed tens of thousands of files . In addition to blood pressure , he also checked blood sugar and uric acid .

" Normal , " said former East Java KPU .

Compared Sigit , Arief is working faster . At 16:30 pm he finished signing the certificate file recapitulation Parliament of 77 electoral districts ( constituencies ) , each of which consists of 10 pieces that should be duplicated as many as 12 pieces for each political party . He also drank a multivitamin grain obtained from a doctor Commission .

As with the KPU chairman Husni Kamil Manik . Husni rely on " infused water" to keep his stamina still excellent . He was drinking at least once a day before bedtime . His wife who made ​​a drink of water and the lemon juice every day .

" Never , I did not go home , my kids asked for an office boy . , But do not have time to drink as well , " said the former member of the Commission of West Sumatra .

As with Sigit , Husni also occasionally enjoy the vibe of a massage chair .

" No other special tips , " he said .